Monday, February 23, 2009

You can make so much money...

By: Paul Harme

If there was ever a program designed to help the complete
novice make money then a cycling matrix is it. You don,t
have to recruit new members as all new members are placed
below you in the matrix. Meaning you are always moving to
the top of the matrix, get paid, go back into the matrix,
new members are placed below you and so on. You are always
moving towards the top of the matrix. Always getting paid.
Joining one of these programs when it is still under six
months old, can certainly give you a steady income. These
programs run for years generating money so the earlier you
join, the more money you make for longer.

A Matrix site is a business idea, which generates revenue
for a user as a new signup occurs. The user secures his
place in the waiting list by signing up. He might or might
not have to pay a registration amount for the signup. Once
the user is signed up, he is placed at the bottom of the
waiting list. As more users join the waiting list, the other
names move up. The concept behind a Matrix website is to
make money quickly and to build a list of referrals for the

The concept here is to provide the user with a discounted
item, as per the terms of agreement, the user is paid for
every new signup (under him). Each time he opts for a
payout, he re-enters the matrix in the next available
position.This is also referred to as a cyclic matrix.

How fast you react is crucial if you are to really make
good cash from these programs?Make sure the program you join
is no older than 12months. If the program offers a refferal
commission, then you can make a lot of money for quite a
long time. How much money you can make is purely based on

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